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Why Wellbeing?

The dictionary definition of wellbeing is “the state of being or feeling comfortable, healthy and happy.” But there is much more to being happy and comfortable; Wellbeing encompasses physical benefits of exercise, good nutrition, and healthy habits while paying close attention to mental health. At Astra, Wellbeing is about resilience, mindfulness, emotional awareness and developing a growth mindset.


Growth mindset is the attitude that our talents can be developed through hard work and practice, good strategies, learning from setbacks and accepting help from others. It is not just celebrating effort but learning and progress, and to emphasize the processes that yield these things


When wellbeing was first introduced to schools in the West it was viewed by some as a new-age gimmick. However, here in Asia and Thailand, we have grown up exposed to the concept of mindfulness or “sati”. Mindfulness is the practice of being grounded in the present, taking a moment to feel appreciation and gratitude for what is happening now, not overly worrying about the future nor dwelling too much on regrets of the past.


At Astra, we believe there is huge value in Wellbeing in helping to develop growth mindset and emotional resilience. Resilience is that ability to face challenges and setbacks, and being able pick oneself up after falling down, either physically or emotionally.


With young students in Primary school, the focus is on being able to recognise emotions, understand their root causes, label them appropriately, and express them in a constructive manner.


The value of Wellbeing becomes even more pronounced in Secondary school, as children transition into young adulthood, and students become embroiled in a maelstrom of strong emotions that are affected by peers and society alongside their own physiological changes. Wellbeing teaches students to be mindful of looking after and nurturing their mental and emotional health as diligently as their physical health.


At Astra Academy, a Wellbeing lesson is timetabled weekly for every year group. We are determined to provide a supportive environment for students to grow up and become resilient, ambitious and caring citizens of the world.


Mobile Device Policy


In today’s connected world, it is common for young people to carry their own mobile devices.  At Astra Academy, we understand how these tools can be vital to navigating both the real world and the virtual world, but it is necessary to understand the proper time and place for them. It is important for our young people may develop attention and focus that are the cornerstones of a mature approach to learning. 


As they can be a profound distraction to learning and lead to dependence, at Astra we endeavour to create a space and time away from these devices, so Secondary students must keep these devices in their lockers, as they are not allowed to be carried around or used during the school day.

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