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Proper nutrition is one of the pillars of a healthy lifestyle. At Astra Academy, we encourage a healthy diet with delicious lunches prepared with high-quality ingredients. Every lunch at Astra features a vegan-friendly vegetarian option (as some of our teachers and staff adhere to this lifestyle) and we encourage our students to try different foods so that they may expand their palate, with fresh fruit and vegetables continually on the menu.


Astra Academy is a no-nut campus, and we are mindful to cater to food allergies and religious or cultural dietary restrictions any students may have.


All this said, lunches at Astra are not only healthy but also delicious. Students who finish their meal in time are always welcome to go back for extra servings (and often do!)


Cooking is part of our Design Technology curriculum at Astra Academy, and we have a Culinary Classroom designed to teach students this important life skill.  For students who want to explore more of the culinary arts, we also offer After School Enrichment classes for those who wish to awaken their inner Michelin star chef!

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