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Welcome by Head of School


Head of School

David Wakefield

Dear Parents, Guardians and Prospective Students:

For a new school, there is always a great deal to do but when you have experience and expertise on your side, then the key factor needed is unrelenting passion for always striving to improve. It is a core aim for all of us here at Astra to improve every year, so along with helping each individual student discover and nurture a lifelong passion for learning, we want to help them challenge themselves to make discernible progress each year they are with us. 


We aim to achieve these goals in a medium-size school which is becoming known for a positive and friendly family atmosphere. Astra is a school in which everyone feels valued and all adults have the best interests of each student at heart. Astra is a school in which everyone talks enthusiastically about learning, whether they are in a classroom, in the canteen or relaxing under our striking Absorbatory. Astra students will be active curious and compassionate learners, so it is vitally important that we help students learn about the world in which they live, and be mindful of the future that they will inherit. We will help make sure students are prepared to make their own decisions to be tolerant of others and to be here with kindness in a moral and ethical manner.


If this sounds like a compelling choice for your family then we look forward to meeting to speak further and do hope you will consider joining us at Astra Academy, the school of your future.


Best Wishes,

David Wakefield

Head of School

Astra Academy International School

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