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Astra Academy
International School

The newest member of the Kids' Academy family of schools, with outstanding reputation built over 18 years of international school experience in Bangkok

Welcome to

Every generation must contend with the struggles of adapting to changing times, and recent years have shown us that changes to everything around us are likely to keep accelerating.

Astra Academy International School was founded in these challenging times as a response to the new paradigm—in a future of increased automation and machine learning, quantum computing and blockchains, climate change and pandemics—so the next generation can better adapt to changing times.

We are place to ignite passion for learning, discover and develop talents and begin to express yourself with confidence, consideration and clarity, using the British Curriculum for its excellent academic structure and up-to-date milestones for teaching and learning, as we foster wellbeing and growth mindset development, always with an eye on what is on the horizon.

In the heart of the vibrant Ekkamai neighbourhood of Bangkok, home to many residential, dining and lifestyle options within walking and biking distance of our campus.

We welcome you to find out more about Astra Academy, and see for yourself if we are #theschoolofyourfuture.

Culture of Lifelong Learning

Every member of the Astra community is expected to commit themselves to continuous learning as a way of life. Community-based CSR projects and in-school workshops enrich character, foster empathy, and combat bullying.

Pleasant Learning Environment

Our built-to-inspire campus is an oasis in the city, conveniently located in the heart of the dynamic Ekkamai neighbourhood of central Bangkok, where Astra is committed to operating as a Zero Waste campus.

Experienced, Qualified Teachers

Smaller class sizes taught in native English offer opportunities for students of varying abilities to realise their potential and aim for top academic outcomes in IGCSE and A Level exams.

Exceptional Value

We actively engage strategic partnerships with experts in their field, in order to maximise value and flexibility while keeping tuition expenses competitive for our families.

Talent Development

Astra identifies, nurtures and channels emergent passions, offering opportunities to develop collaboration and leadership skills as well as art and design technology.


Extensive Afterschool Programme

Students can select from a wide range of optional extracurricular courses, including second language development (English, Thai, Japanese and more), music, sports and arts, supervised studies and reading groups.

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